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          at Tweakfest 2009 ( http://www.tweakfest.ch/ )


  Friday April 24, 2009, 19:00


  Alte Börse in Zurich (Bleicherweg 5), Gallerie

Why, and what's the goal?

  The Federal Institute of Intellectual Property ( http://ige.ch/ )
  organizes in May a meeting called "Urheberrechtsgespräch" (rough
  translation: "conversation about copyright matters").  They have
  invited various interest groups to nominate representatives for
  this event.

  The "Internet-Community" is one of the interest groups that have
  been invited.

  As per the invitation, the associations Digitale Allemend
  ( http://allmend.ch ) and /ch/open ( http://ch-open.ch ) have
  designated representatives who shall represent the Internet Community
  at that event.

  In order to achieve an authentic representation of the Internet
  Community, it is of course important that before the event, there
  should be a discussion involving as many diverse members of the
  Internet Community as possible, so that our representatives will
  be able to represent not only their own perspective, but as far as
  possible the concerns and interests of the Internet Community as a

  For example, the bad habit of DRM (Digital Restrictions Management)  
  with regard of books which are distributed in digital form over the
  internet (both in the books digitalization project of Google and
  with Amazon's "Kindle") will certainly be a topic of discussion.


  Please register for the meeting by email to:  siug@siug.ch

  If you cannot come to the meeting (yes, this announcement is
  somewhat on short notice), you are welcome to email suggestions
  to siug@siug.ch and we'll discuss them at the meeting.

Responsible for the Internet-Community Meeting:

  Swiss Internet User Group (SIUG), an Initiative of /ch/open

With best regards
in the name of SIUG
Norbert Bollow